Underneath The Tree

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Way back in the first lockdown we aimed to cheer people up with Irving Berlin’s classic ‘ Blue Skies’ recorded on mobile phones from our musicians own homes and mixed with videos by Liverpool’s Jacaranda Studios. BBC Look North West, Jazz FM and Radio Merseyside media all loved it (and it’s still available online).

Faced with yet another lockdown there was only one answer: a Christmas song. We chose Kelly Clarkson’s schmaltzy, sugary, glitzy soul number, Underneath The Tree. Composer Izzy Ryder, who also plays trumpet in the band, knocked out a great new driving arrangement for us, and Joan Fearon, as ever, kicked in with a soulful vocal (giving Kelly more than a run for her money).

Once again our friends at Jacaranda agreed to do the mix for us. Thanks Ray and Iain, and special thanks to Evelyn!

So here it is, the perfect Christmas pick me up. Enjoy sitting back on Christmas morning, mixed with your favourite tipple. Or alternatively open your present early and enjoy it now.

One day, fairly soon, Out of the Blue will be able to play live again. If you’re lucky you might get an invite. It will be quite a party!

Out of the Blue Jazz Orchestra