Baby You've Got What It Takes

Williamson Art Gallery:

When we heard that the Williamson Art Gallery was at risk of closure we had to do something about it.

'We had a brilliant gig at the Williamson before the lock down hit everybody' said Becky Bell Thomas. 'It has a lovely ambience and acoustic. We really enjoyed it and so did the audience. It's great that Birkenhead should have such wonderful facility for culture, music and the arts'

To make our point musically we have put down a new lockdown song, recorded in band members own homes, using their mobile phones. The song is Baby You've Got What it Takes, an R n B classic duet first performed in the 1960s by American soul and jazz idols Brook Benton and Dinah Washington. The vocals are handled by Joan Fearon, our soulful regular singer, with David Coleman brought in especially for the duet.

'It's a great song' said Joan, 'And it's very appropriate, because the Williamson really has got what it takes survive as a local arts centre and gallery!'

There’s also a background video using images of events and artworks from the Williamson. 'It's turned into a really great celebration of the Gallery' said Ian Wray, the Band's Events Director 'We know that the Council is hard pressed but it would really be sad, especially when Boris Johnson is talking about levelling up, to lose this great cultural facility in the heart of a deprived community'.

Mary Compton-Rickett, Chair of the Williamson and Priory Friends said: ‘We welcome this musical contribution to our campaign to keep the Williamson open. We loved Out of The Blue when they performed at our gallery and we want them to be able to come back with councillors in the audience enjoying them too’.

Out of the Blue Jazz Orchestra